Tuesday, 31 August 2010

371 LIBIDO, GLITTERBOX, Ballroom, Bristol Fleece, Monday 13 April 1998

A veritable Easter Monday "Posse" field trip, this one, with 7 of us descending on the "Seven Stars" to meet up before the gig. This being necessary, of course, as I had the tickets to get us in! Gained entry to the sparsely populated venue at 8.30, just as Ballroom took the stage. Despite still being derivative of the current Suede/ Radiohead school of angst, this was a much improved Ballroom set, with a bit of fire and passion where there was previously precious posturing.

Clive's current hot tips, Glitterbox, were next up. I joined the one-man moshpit down the front and had a rocking time to this excellent set, from a fine new guitar band with an expansive and well-rocking sound, semi-American in feel but also chunky and radio-friendly, rather like Cottonmouth (Lemonheads support from last October). The band's flippant style and delivery was also entertaining, and made for a great set which received the thumbs up from the boys.

Headliners Libido, on the other hand, polarised opinion more, despite (in my view of course!) once again coming up with a good and challenging guitarry set which I took the opportunity of having a good bop to. I dunno, they remind me a little of Pale Saints mixing it up with Daryll Ann, which pitches them on the difficult and experimental side of the guitar rock spectrum, but then "Overthrown", their best number, is a totally catchy pop blast, like a poppy Wonderstuff number! Anyways'up, I enjoyed them again!

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