Thursday, 29 July 2010

399 BOOM BOOM MANCINI, Supp. Co. UK., Remote Control, London Camden Falcon "Barfly" Club, Tuesday 16 March 1999

Hey, guess what! It's a Boom Boom Mancini gig so I'm in London on business! What a coincidence! This time, one of my suppliers called a morning meeting which finished at 1, and preceded a walk from the Angel Centre to Oxford Street (!), then some shopping in Camden (including picking up a Figgs CD!).

Turned up at the venue at 6 in my suit! Got bemused looks from the soundchecking Boom-boys and girl, until I changed into something more bop-worthy. Had a chat with bassist Geoff about BBM's latest world domination plan - single out soon, being plugged even as we speak! - before checking out Remote Control. They turned out to be former supports Slinkyhead with a name change, a new bassist and a couple of more immediate, poppy new numbers, including the excellently catchy "Got You Back" to augment the previously thrashy glam thrills. They're fast becoming a band I'd think about paying to see on their own...

Rachel, Clive and Beef turned up midway through their set, so we were well in time and ready for Boom Boom Mancini, next up, taking front centre spots in front of a smattering of locals and "industry types". They came on at 9ish, and showed that familiarity (my 13th time of seeing them through their various name changes!) had certainly not bred contempt or even boredom. They've softened up their sound a little, rounding off the harder edges and making their sound more immediate and accessible, but losing very little impact or tunefulness along the way. From the sing-along "Grape Juice" to the frenetic "Supermodel" (their next single - hooray!), they're still the same spiky, spunky, thought-provoking lot we know and love. We bopped a whole lot, earning thanks from both the band and the A&R man afterwards!

Stopped awhile for headliners Co. UK, who sounded initially promising - an Irish Green Day-ish power trio, with a vocalist in a "Cuckoo" t-shirt - but degenerated into tune-free thrash, so we left them after a few numbers for a thankfully trouble-free trip home (this time!). Another supplier meeting I was happy to be sent to, thanks to Boom Boom Mancini!

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