Thursday, 29 July 2010

401 FOUNTAINS OF WAYNE, Little Mothers, London Camden Dingwalls, Monday 19 April 1999

Continuing a clutch of gigs close together, the usual gig trio of Rachel, Clive and myself did the usual car-Bush-tube-Camden trip, getting to Dingwalls at 8, just before Little Mothers took the stage at 8.15. A chameleonic lot, sometimes funky in a Gomez/ Talking Heads way, sometimes Stereolab-esque metronomic, sometimes very trad (as per their best moments), but mainly quite dull. Sorry!

The venue was very full and crowded at the front, but this didn't stop us taking front right spots. The Wayne-sters came on at 9.30, vocalist Chris Collingwood accurately stating, "it's time to play the rock show!" And rock they did! Drawing mainly from their deliciously melodic eponymous LP of a couple of years ago, but including a smattering of newies from the imminent new album, the Wayne-sters were fine indeed, despite very poor sound from our stage-front position. The crowd was also mightily enthusiastic, which turned our moshpit-dancing into a prolonged battle for position. Nevertheless, FOW were touching ("Barbara H", "Sick Day"), bouncy (the excellent "Radiation Vibe" and newie "Summer") and rocking in equal measure!

A bloody fine set, capped unfortunately with an awful version of Britney Spears' terrible "Baby One More Time"! That wasn't it, though, as I snatched a few words of conversation with bassist, and friend of The Gigolo Aunts, Adam Schlesinger. Adam agreed to say, "hey," to Steve and Dave of the Aunts for me, as apparently, "I see those guys all the time!" I wish I did, Adam!

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