Thursday, 8 July 2010

449 MIDWAY STILL, Malibu, Sarah Gillespie, London King's Cross Water Rats, Friday 2 June 2000

Well, it took all of 5 days to get back into the swing of UK gigging after our Boston trip. This time I was determined to see the reformed Midway Still, after having to cry off due to illness on arrival here last time! Tim picked us up at 5 and we headed straight into Kings Cross, with Rachel and myself doing weird things in the car window with Tim's cuddly alien and Jar Jar Binks! Parked around the corner from the venue, and set up station in the bar on arrival, ignoring the supports (first sounded folky, second sounded like the Cranberries!).

Into the back room venue and took up position at the front, stage right, for The Still, an old favourite of mine and Tim's first time around (in fact we bonded over our both owning The Still's "Bollocks To Everything" t-shirt!). Thankfully, they'd lost none of their power "live" in the intervening Grouchy years. Vocalist Thompson, minus the mane of old, was in superb acerbic form, and no surprise really as he seemed to know pretty much everyone in the audience! I noted, however, a similar reluctance to dance tonight as in Boston recently, so when 3rd number "Better Than Before" (an old Level 3 dancefloor staple) started up, so did I! Rocked out as Midway Still attacked a varied clutch of oldies and newies with as much vim and venom as of old. My particular favourite, the hardcore adrenaline blast of "What You Said", was the highlight tonight. Sarf London' finest Husker Du impersonators, we hope, are back, and by all accounts in rude health. More power to 'em!

I am sorry, however, to report the demise of Silver Sun. We ran into SS drummer Richard Sayce outside the venue as we went off to get KFC. He reported he's now in Malibu (wish I'd taken more notice now!) and the rest of SS are on the verge of calling it a day. Still, we've got Midway Still (seemingly) back - fair swap!

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