Tuesday, 13 July 2010

444 PEE WEE FIST, "The Corner", Middle East, Cambridge, MA USA, Tuesday 23 May 2000

A couple of days doing touristy stuff had preceded this gig; a "Skywalk", 50 stories up in the Prudential Tower, a "Duck Tour" around Boston on land and river in a 1942 ex-US Army Amphibious vehicle, shopping and hanging out with EdV and girlfriend Carrie, and just generally introducing Rachel to the delights of this wonderful city. But back on the gig trail with some dinner music, and another for the odd gig venues - following Seafood (the band) in a bookshop recently, this time I'll be eating seafood in a restaurant while watching a band!

We hit "The Corner", which is in fact the "restaurant" part of the Middle East restaurant, with a stage set up in the, erm, corner, for 7 as advertised. The Pee Wee Fist don't start their set until 1/4 to 8, however, by which time I'm tucking into an excellent shrimp salad. Pete Fitzgerald, Fist mainman and friend of EdV, starts solo and well, playing some quirky intellectual pop which recalls the Go-Betweens or Philistines Jr. Nice song titles too, including one called "Bobby Brown Kicked my Ass". The clever stuff continues when the full trio (EdV later tells me that this was only 1/2 of the normal 6-piece Fist) join him onstage. Varying between folky Jonathan Richman-esque whimsy and more trad country, this was nevertheless a nicely diverting set. However, as we'd finished our grub, we choose not to stay for "headliners" The Coots!

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