Thursday, 22 July 2010

421 THE LLAMA FARMERS, Tenner, Bath Moles Club, Monday 6 September 1999

A late night at Moles as usual isn't the best way to start the week, but I drove Ady and Rachel down nevertheless, meeting Clive and his lady in the "Porters" pub upstairs from the venue, for a first Moles gig since election night 1997! Picked up the tickets at the door at 1/4 to 10 (despite Moles expecting this one to sell out, tickets were a very friendly £4 each!) and watched the place fill up gradually but inexorably.

The first band, Tenner, regaled us at 10.30, way past their expected time! Tenner themselves were a chameleonic young bunch, trying lots of different styles from popular so-called "alternative" bands (the Manics bombast, Suede-ish glam, Radiohead dull moody angst, you know the score) but ending up losing their initial promise and degenerating into a confusing and uncertain mulch. They went down well with the locals, though, and even got an encore, which delayed the evening even more!

The Llama Farmers came on at 1/4 to 12 to another enthusiastic welcome. This is the fifth time I've seen this lot in just over a year, and their trademark challenging, ringing and cascading guitar noise is coming to the boil nicely. Tonight was not as good a set as their recent Reading Festival performance, but still a mighty fine, if a little sloppy and disjointed, noisy and abrasive yet intriguing rock set, with a punchy "Get The Keys And Go" the top toon for me tonight. Bright reputation established, they've now got to fulfil their promise, but tonight were well worth staying up late (home at 2 - yikes!) for.

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