Friday, 16 July 2010

435 THE WANNADIES, Soulwax, London WC2 LA2, Thursday 16 March 2000

4th of an unprecedented 4 gigs in 4 days, as Boston friends Michael and Mark stayed over following last night's Seafood Fleece show, and we, plus Rachel, headed off to the Smoke late morning. Over to the sold-out venue at 7.30, via record shops and Soho pubs, to watch the place rapidly fill up, and enjoy the Boston boys' company for the last time during their UK trip. Soulwax came on at 8 and were considerably better than 2 days - and 2 gigs - ago, however their overblown Casio-led glam rock was still not to my tastes. Mark suggested they were like INXS crossed with Marilyn Manson - a combination I'm glad I won't ever see!

The place was utterly heaving for the Wannadies' entrance, dead on 9. As per gig 433, they were again excellent; revelling in the frenzied enthusiasm of the sell-out crowd, they played a blinder. "Live", their music takes on an additional punch, strength and toughness, and their ridiculously catchy wannabee guitar pop soars and swoops, with "Might Be Stars" again a brilliant live highlight. Vocalist Par once again sported a grin as wide as the fjords at Skellaftea throughout; the band so obviously love what they do, and their enthusiasm and sense of fun is as infectious as Australian flu.

Unfortunately I failed to pick up a new "I Was Fistfucked By The Wannadies..." t-shirt, but hey, there's always mail order. I'm glad I made it through to the end of this "4 in 4" with sanity intact, and I'm glad we sent our Boston friends back to the US with an excellent show from The Wannadies!

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