Friday, 16 July 2010

433 THE WANNADIES, Soulwax, Bristol Fiddlers, Tuesday 14 March 2000

The relentless pace continues; a day off work to recover from yesterday's Eels show culminated in another gig; this time a run down to Bristol in Rachel's mother's car (borrowed for the night) to a new venue resembling a pub/ brewer's storage warehouse, pressed into action due to ticket demand for this gig outstripping the Fleece!

Eventually found the place in Bedminster, and met up with Clive, then took position stage right for the entrance of support, the be-suited Belgian lot Soulwax. I have to say that their best feature was the music they came on to (Adam And The Ants' "Dog Eat Dog") as it degenerated into a lumpen turgid glam rock mess, like Roxy Music playing Urge Overkill "C" sides. Nice flashing mike-stands though.

The place was heaving for the entrance of The Wannadies, vocalist Par initially taking the stage alone to kick off the absorbing "That's All" before being joined by the band. Straight into the joyously bouncy "Friends", and straight into the moshpit and down the front for me and Rachel! A splendid, well-paced, wonderfully happy set of their 100-smiles per minute guitar pop ensued, punctuated by new numbers from toughened up, slightly glammy but no less raucously catchy new CD "Yeah". "Might Be Stars" was thrown away early but remained the excellent set highlight, as Par, full of smiles and 2-finger devils rock signs, seemed astonished that the reaction was so frenzied after being so long away - as if we'd ever forget a band like The Wannadies! - and clapped us as much as we cheered them! A fantastic set, marred only by a crowd-surfer landing on Rachel's head and shaking her up somewhat. An ironic "Hit" and a couple of newies encored a great night out. The Wannadies are back, big time, to reclaim the throne of pop, and on this evidence it'll be hard to stop them!

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