Tuesday, 13 July 2010

443 COSMO, Carry The Zero, TT The Bear's Place, Cambridge, MA USA, Sunday 21 May 2000

Following last night's NYC shenanigans, we don't surface until 1 pm, then hang out with Michael before shifting suitcases to James Horrigan's place, as he's "out of town" and offered up his pad for Rachel and myself to crash. Good man! Food at the Middle East, then we decide to hit TT's for a drink, but there's bands playing so, what the heck? Unfortunately neither of them are particularly much cop. Carry The Zero are a sub-Rage Against The Machine angry shouty mess, with a shirtless vocalist shouting the odds to, erm, a small group of his mates.

Cosmo are better, a bit more dynamic and punky in a Green Day 6 years too late kind of way. They remind me of Blink 182, or a poppier Therapy? We still kind of ignored them, and don't think twice about heading off when heavy eyelids told us to hit the hay. That's what NYC (see gig 442) does to you!

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