Tuesday, 20 July 2010

430 SEAFOOD, Workhouse, Oxford Point, Saturday 5 February 2000

If I see another set as exciting as this one all year, I will be a very happy man indeed. But let's start at the beginning...

I was still nursing the residue of a 2 day hangover (thus far - it actually ended up being a 5 dayer!) when I joined the happy travellers Rachel, Clive and Ady for this one. We parked a short distance from the venue and I actually wore a jacket into the gig, to pre-empt any Suede-esque shivers on my part. Happily I was fine... and I didn't need the jacket... The venue has changed a lot since its' Hobgoblin days (amazingly, the only other time I've been here thus far) and it was also well attended, with a growing sense of anticipation. Bumped into our "new mate" Kevin, Seafood's bassist, and was pleased that he was a) made up about the good turnout, and b) remembered us from the recent Superchunk gig!

Watched support Workhouse with vague interest; 4 older chaps peddling mainly instrumental stuff, some of which was nice and haunting in a Kitchens Of Distinction or early Ride vein, but I must confess the lack of lyrics made my still-sore headed attention wander... popped into the gents before da Food, passing Kev on his way out! Same pre-set rituals, by the looks of it.

Anyway, the Mighty Seafood took the stage at 10.10, and attacked the set with a youthful intensity and abandon which totally awed me. Despite my non-wellness, I stashed the coat onstage and joined the increasing and frenzied moshpit.

Seafood were totally brilliant; a riot of colour, barbed and skewed riffery, light and shade, moody atmosphere and wig-out abandonment, with vocalist Dave and bassist Kevin leading the line superbly, throwing shapes and slashing their guitars wildly. A female stage-diver who knocked Dave sideways with his own mike-stand during "Folk Song Crisis" was mildly annoying (especially as she landed on Rachel's head!) but the band roared back with a stunning "Porchlight", memorable for the insistent hookline of, "there's a house on a lake," and the venomous white noise climax. Wow.

Caught breath (eventually) and congratulated the band afterwards, after a quite awesome and exciting set. Top gig of 2000 already? They'll have to really go some to beat this!

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