Friday, 16 July 2010

439 SEAFOOD, London Oxford Circus Border's Bookshop, Friday 12 May 2000

A unique one, this, and fortuitous too, as Rachel and I were already "in town" for tonight's Flaming Lips gig! So we couldn't pass up on an opportunity to see Seafood acoustically, and hit Borders at 5.30 after a hectic afternoon in Camden.

Seafood were set up in one corner of the bookshop, with stools and a tiny amp for Kevin's bass, and got going at 6.30 after an "exhaustive" soundcheck. They'd obviously not been "unplugged" before, as the set was humorously stop-start, with interjections such as, "we've not rehearsed this," and, "we ARE a professional touring band, honestly!" Another song which was supposed to debut drummer Caroline Banks on vocals was abandoned halfway through, yet strangely it was the normally raucous "Guntrip" and an unplanned encore of the inevitable "Porchlight" ("you really want to hear "Porchlight" acoustic?" asked an incredulous Dave) which really held up well. Stripped of the usual shards of energetic strafing guitar work, they really stood up as great songs. And amazingly, in the most unlikely of surroundings and circumstances, Seafood once again underlined their reputation as the UK's brightest rock hope, and pulled off a minor triumph.

Quick congrats afterwards, then on to tonight's gig!

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