Thursday, 3 February 2011

8 X-MAL DEUTSCHLAND, Swindon Solitaire, Wednesday 6 July 1983

A very sweaty Solitaire for this gig; sweat dripped off the ceiling of this then-predominantly black-painted venue! German 3-girl, one bloke proto Goth band X-Mal Deutschland played a raw, exciting set of dark sinister Goth doomy rock, showing some latter-day Siouxsie influences, particularly in the shocking blonde Anja's atonal, haunting vocals. Pulling material mainly from current LP "Fetisch", "Qual" and the punkier "Incubus Succubus" were the highlights of a set during which I built up such a sweat moshing, I ended up looking as if I'd taken a shower with my clothes on! Chatted to their drummer Manuela afterwards.

The set was: Vito, Hand In Hand, Geheimnis, Boomerang, Young Man, Incubus Succubus, Reigen, Orient, Zu Jung Zu Alt, Stummes Kind, encore Qual

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