Wednesday, 2 February 2011

20 LLOYD COLE AND THE COMMOTIONS, Blow Monkeys, Bath University, Friday 12 October 1984

Drove down in time to see support band Blow Monkeys play a crappy leather-clad set of sleazy rock, murdering Lulu's "Downtown" in the process.

The predominantly student audience were stoney-clad throughout, refusing to dance and elbowing us for wanting to do so! Bah! An obviously nervous and fidgety Lloyd Cole, staring at his shoes between songs and almost mumbling his vocals, in front of a conversely excellent, confident band with a notably superb, almost virtuoso guitarist, made for an incongruous sight! However, Lloyd's charming intelligent bedsit pop won through.


  1. I really enjoyed reading this recollection of past shows-and would have loved to have seen the Commotions in their heyday live.
    The 'almost virtuoso guitarist' would be Neil Clark. Still excellent.!/pages/Neil-Clark/185613439947

  2. Thanks for your comments. The Commotions were a splendid live band back in the day. I just wish I'd written more about their performances then, but my gig notes pre-90's were minimal; and my memory is a bit hazy now as well! Thanks again for reading my blog.