Thursday, 3 February 2011

4 BIG COUNTRY, Swindon Brunel Rooms Amphitheatre, Tuesday August 17 1982

Managed to get in to see this gig, despite it being on an "Over 18's" Tuesday night and me being a mere 17 (going on 12!). The gig was scheduled for a few days after the release of Big Country's debut single "Harvest Home", which I, as a huge Skids fan, had snapped up immediately and loved the bagpipe-like riffery from my former Skids guitar hero Stuart Adamson.

I danced all throughout their splendid, unsupported set in the small Amphi hall, being the only person to do so! "Harvest Home" and "Angle Park" were the high-tempo highlights of their set, at the end of which I shook Stuart's hand and grabbed a quick word, thus;
"thanks for dancing to us,"
"hurry up with the album, Stuart!"

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