Tuesday, 1 February 2011

36 DEL AMITRI, Swindon Rifleman's Pub, Monday 7 October 1985

Yup, that's Swindon Rifleman's pub! Del Amitri decided to fill a few spare dates on their current tour by hanging out with Del aficionados in various towns, and Swindon was chosen! Took the day off and wandered around town, eventually meeting up with the Dels about 4.30, then sitting around in the college cafe, outside the Wyvern and the ABC cinema waiting for the pubs to open. Eventually, we hit the Rifleman's pub, and the band persuaded the landlord to allow them to play a set! A fine and fun set of originals and some well-chosen covers ensued, with acoustic guitars and maracas providing the musical embellishment, much to the bemusement of the cinema goers and "Bubbles" nightclub crowd trendies! A good time was had by all, nevertheless!

The set was; "Brown Eyed Girl", "This King Is Poor", "Ceasefire", "Keepers", a lovely "Ignorant Heaven", "Tired Of Waiting For You", "I Was Here", "Nothing Goes (According To Plan)", "We Better Go", "Ever Fallen In Love", "Hammering Heart", "Sticks And Stones Girl", highlight "Out In The Wind", "Heard Through A Wall", Orange Juice's "Felicity", "Lines Running North", and a reprise of "Brown Eyed Girl".

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