Thursday, 3 February 2011

3 KILLING JOKE, Aztec Camera, UK Decay, Charge, London Hammersmith Palais, Tuesday 23 February 1982

Took a trip on Rimes Coaches for my first London gig, a very eclectic bill in the huge and imposing Hammersmith Palais.

Firstly, Charge's bass player, who gloried in the name of Stu.P.Didiot (!), sported fishnet stockings and a short leather skirt, as they blasted through a ramalama leather and studs punk rock set, albeit one more tuneful than the likes of contemporaries Discharge, Anti Pasti et al. UK Decay, next up, were superb, with a very haunting, proto-gothic set of moody little tunes featuring werewolves and the like.

Aztec Camera were totally out of place in the punky audience with their inoffensive but inappropriate pop. Roddy Frame introduced a number as, "this is called "Just Like Gold", but I think I should rename it, "Just Like Gob"," as punk spit rained down on him.

Killing Joke were once again dark, sinister, edgy and mighty, mainly promoting their recent, more song based "Revelations" LP, with the speedy "Land Of Milk And Honey" a highlight. The Joke setlist was The Hum/ The Fall Of Because/ Wardance/ We Have Joy/ Empire Song/ Have A Nice Day/ Tension/ Chapter III/ Pssyche/ Chop Chop/ Exit/ Land Of Milk And Honey/ Change/ The Wait/ Unspeakable

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