Wednesday, 2 February 2011

18, 19 ECHO AND THE BUNNYMEN, Let's Active, Gloucester Leisure Centre and Oxford Apollo Theatre, Friday 28 September and Wednesday 3 October 1984

A brilliant double-header of Echo And The Bunnymen performances, firmly establishing themselves as colossal, powerful performers of brilliant, timeless rockist pop music, and my favourite band of my late teens/ early 20's. Drove down to Gloucester to see a poor bland support slot from USA's Let's Active (as they were both nights), however The Bunnymen, playing a set based largely on new LP "Ocean Rain", made up for it with a dry-ice choked set of light and shade, and resonant, powerful rock.

The following week, I took the coach to see a vastly different set to the previous Bunnygig, and a more ragged, unhinged yet no less passionate performance from The Bunnymen, culminating in a stage invasion during encore "Crocodiles" of which I wasn't a part, but during which I managed to nick a set-list down the front stalls front crush! 2 different yet similarly great gigs from my "home team" of this era.

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  1. my first gig (the gloucester one)