Tuesday, 1 February 2011

34, 35 SPEAR OF DESTINY, Living in Texas, Chippenham Golddiggers and Bristol Colston Hall, Tuesday 24 September and Wednesday 2 October 1985

A couple of Spear Of Destiny gigs a week or so apart, again with uber fan Lynn. Firstly, Chippenham; support Living In Texas were rubbish apart from their impressive thalidomide drummer. Spear Of Destiny made up for it with a fine set of anthemic, terrace chant rock, mainly based on their best LP, the recent "World Service", with Kirk Brandon's powerful octave-straddling voice a highlight. Spoke to guitarist Alan St. Clair at length in the foyer afterwards; Kirk also walked through briefly, prompting a few smutty comments from Lynn! The Colston Hall the following week was pretty much the same set, with encore "Mickey" the highlight.

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