Thursday, 3 February 2011

5 THE FALL, Moskow, Swindon Brunel Rooms, Friday 26 March 1982

My first Swindon gig, and it was my then favourite band The Fall, a band whom I slavishly bought and hung on every utterance from vocalist Mark E Smith. Queued up with fellow Fall devotee Doug; first in the queue, and first in! Raced up to the venue to discover Mark E Smith sitting on the front of the main hall stage scribbling notes (lyrics, maybe?) onto a pad. We were too awestruck to talk to him, but instead just basked in the great man's presence.

Support Moskow were a derivative Goth local band, who were OK but not really my cup of tea. The Fall, however, were lumbering giants, and played a shuddering set of angular, acerbic post-punk mainly based on excellent current album "Hex Enduction Hour", particularly memorable being "Deerpark."


  1. The Fall website has this as 26 March 1982.

    They wouldn't have played there twice would they? Gigs either side heavy on the Hex content.

  2. I'm not going to doubt you when it comes to The Fall... that makes my memory even hazier though, as this then becomes gig no. 4 and not 5, as it predates the Big Country gig! Oh dear... I think I'll leave it as is, though...