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567 THE GENTLEMEN, The David James Motorcycle, The Creature Comforts, 608, Somerville, MA USA, Saturday 29 June 2002

Beach! What? Yup, it's scorchio in the city, so we take Bill Hicks' advice and get the fuck out! A day spent on Revere Beach catching some rays, then back in for dinner in the Middle East. Off to 608 again in good time today, but no need really as the Creature Comforts don't actually start their set until 1/4 to 10. With some of their songs already becoming familiar after 2 or 3 listens throughout this trip, and the sound really sorted at this venue, it's easily the best set of the 3 (2 1/2!) we've seen. They're yet another powerpop band with expansive guitars, a good amount of pace and dynamism, and good sturdy and catchy hooks, but as far as I'm concerned we can never have too many of those!

We catch up a little with EdV, and say "hey" to a spectating Gravel Pit vocalist Jed Parish, there checking out what his back line are up to, before taking notice of the David James Motorcycle. They're not really much to write home about though; all pose and power riffery at the expense of the songs, and fronted by a chap (presumably David James!) who seems caught in a 1974 glam rock time warp, only with not as much style as, say, Jake Zavracky of fellow Bostonian glambient rockers Quick Fix. Talking of the Fix, we run into Shayne the Mane again; Shayne Phillips, Quick Fix's Animal-esque (the Muppet Animal, that is!) sticksman, who says the nicest thing to us; "it's no longer a surprise to see you in Boston." Lovely!

We then pile down the front for the entrance of the Gentlemen at 1130ish. Mike Gent's obviously in buoyant mood again tonight, performing to a packed house of hometown fans and friends, and kick-starts a re-jigged set with 4 numbers from the now under-produced sounding first Gentlemen CD. It's really the third number, the hard-edged rocker "You And Your Boyfriend", sung with uncharacteristic venom by Lucky Jackson, that really gets the crowd (and this limping Brit!) rocking away. After that, the edgy, dynamic performance, the fluent, well-practiced and hard-rocking numbers, and the pindrop-perfect sound combine to produce a quite superb set. Gent menacingly waves his guitar around from the top of the monitors, Lucky power-riffs to his heart's content (and with much less restraint than the Gravel Pit's poppier material usually allows!), and the best rhythm section in town anchor the Stones-influenced, primitive raw yet thrilling rock. My highlight? Well, I may be biased, but EdV's "Off With Its' Head", a jerky, Joe Jackson-esque number with some delicious word juggling, wins out for me. But it's all good stuff.

I take the opportunity after the show to totally freak out EdV by finally showing him my Gravel Pit tattoo, which I'd gotten done for my birthday this year. "Holy Shit!" was the initial response, but he eventually regains his composure to ask whether I'd shown it to Jed. That was last night's fun, Ed! Then back to our digs after eventually hailing a cab at Porter and suffering a weird cab drive back. But all worth it for a stellar performance by the Gentlemen!

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