Wednesday, 31 March 2010

529 YOU ARE HERE, Isaacs, Redman, London Highbury Garage (Upstairs), Tuesday 25 September 2001

Not working at the moment, so spent the day in London shopping in Camden, before meeting Rachel (who's working up the Smoke this week) and heading over to Highbury Corner for 7, grabbing some dinner at the Old Cock Tavern (a pub I can't go into without thinking about the Gigolo Aunts!) then hitting the venue at 8.15.

Took a seat as the place filled up and Redman opened. They were good; a dynamic young singer reminiscent of Talk Talk's Mark Hollis, and one very good sinewy and spooky number reminiscent of Joy Division. A promising start. You Are Here and the Swindon supporters coach arrived as second band Isaacs were on, boring us all witless with their Oasis impressions (even with a bank of keyboards!).

Swindon's You Are Here - guitarist Tim and vocalist Mark in particular suffering with colds - kicked off at 10.15, rushing through "Confidence In You" and for once playing a good "live" version of "Not A Summer Song"! The sound was a little uneven - the dynamic guitar sound of the last gig was occasionally absent - but overall the boys rose above their illnesses, laughed off their odd errors (a good thing!)and played well on a tight and small stage, which obviously restricted any movements. However, Mark once again let go of the mikestand and the band rocked out, "Ordinary Day" now sounding spot on, and the punky "Trying To Write" finale receiving a huge roar of approval. Good stuff! Then I saw Rach into a cab back to her digs, and joined the YAH coach home!

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