Wednesday, 24 March 2010

540 THE MILES HUNT CLUB, The Last Taxi, Gloucester Guildhall Arts Centre, Saturday 12 January 2002

We were all set to pick our friends Jared and Nina up, which we did, then drive to Gloucester, which we didn't! We got as far as Cirencester when the temperature gauge went off the scale, and despite remedial action it didn't improve, so we drove back and dropped it off - after a few more mishaps - at Jared's, then he zoomed along to the gig in his company car, taking all of 1/2 hour!

Got to this old Arts Centre in the middle of Gloucester just as the support band took the stage. They weren't very good, dancey retro stuff really, so we hit the bar! Also met and had a brief chat with Russ Hunt, Miles' brother and guitar roadie, who remembered me, "through the beer haze," from the Tracey Bonham gig at the Birmingham Foundry back in 1996, when Phil Hurley had introduced us. He also remarked on my old school Gigolo Aunts t-shirt!

Back into the school hall type venue for Miles' new band. He was drinking in the bar beforehand, and the haircut, which looked a little silly in the classified photo, actually suited him, giving him a more mature look. This was also in evidence in the material tonight, which whilst retaining the instant hooky catchiness of the Wonder Stuff, was also more sophisticated. Miles was, as ever, the entertaining raconteur, and the couple of familiar tracks from last year's acoustic "Hairy On The Inside" CD were given a welcome toughening up. I enjoyed it immensely, and old Stuffies fan Rachel was positively salivating!

Hung out afterwards for a few minutes, meeting New Jersey resident and friend of Kevin Smith, Miles' excellent guitarist Michael Florentino. Apparently his sister played Jay's mother in the "baby" scenes of "Jay And Silent Bob Strike Back". Cool! Unfortunately we hit the road to relieve Jared's babysitters, before meeting up with Miles again, however this was a good start to (hopefully) another busy year of gigs!

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