Wednesday, 24 March 2010

537 CLEARLAKE, The 45's, Bristol Louisiana, Friday 23 November 2001

Rachel was on a girls night out, so I decided to pop down to the Louisiana with Beef instead of a trip out on the town myself! Parked the car outside the venue and went inside to meet up with a friend of Beef's who gave us both Clearlake CDs! Cool!

Popped upstairs to the unusually packed venue and got the drinks in. Support The 45's were a new young band with a 60's push'n'shove modish feel to their music, kind of like a snappier You Am I or Farrah. I liked them, apart from some occasional obvious attempts to sound like The Strokes. Guys, you don't really need to!

Popped down the front to get choked by the unnecessary dry ice which heralded the entrance of Clearlake at 10. A very idiosyncratically British sounding band, their CD "Lido" had a cinematic, 60's spy movie feel to it, like early Pulp or Scott Walker, and this carried across to their live performance. However, Clearlake took this opportunity to debut some new songs, which had an extra edge and dynamism to them, particularly the spooky "We All Die Alone", which reminded me of Martha And The Muffins' new wave classic "Echo Beach" in parts. So despite the occasional technical hitches and lapses, Clearlake, erm, "rocked", with "Winterlight" and the touching ditty "Jumble Sailing" my particular favourites.

And we popped backstage too, for set-list signings and a brief chat, before hitting the road and home!

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