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533 MY VITRIOL, SEAFOOD, Queen Adreena, Bristol University Anson Rooms, Friday 26 October 2001

Back to the old UK gig trail! And not a bad one in prospect either; we were humming and hahhing about this one before Seafood were announced as My Vitriol tour support, and when they were, we couldn't get tickets quickly enough! So, my turn to drive to Brizzle; we picked up Dave and new girlfriend Ceri, then got Ady and hit the road, getting a good parking spot (for once!) near the Uni.

Got the beers in and wandered into the then-sparsely populated hall for opening act Queen Adreena, a new band on me, but one featuring former Daisy Chainsaw vocalist Katie Jane Garside. She came on to little fanfare and intoned some low-key screeching number which was followed up by some clumsy, gothy malarkey. Didn't like Daisy Chainsaw either, and saw nowt to change my mind about her new charges, so we hit the bar again before the real catch of the day.

Seafood were late on - 9pm - but after a cacophonous bout of white noise riffery to introduce themselves, David stepped up to sing, "there's a house on a lake," the opening line to their cataclysmic finest moment, "Porchlight". What a way to start, I thought as I piled into the mosh. Little did I know... "Porchlight" was as powerful, insistent and edgy as ever, its' quiet mid-section blending into the cathartic climax perfectly, as usual. "Cloaking" up next, the angry, passionate, "get up, get up, get up, get up soldier," hook being met with a crazed response from the moshpit. "Western Battle" and splendidly spooky new single "Splinter" followed, both crashing, splendid and breathless. then...

"This is our last number; you're just getting a taste of Seafood tonight," explained David. Five songs - 5 bloody songs??? Crappity crap! However, we couldn't really argue with the final number; the 8-9 minute sleazy indulgence of noise and fire that is "Folk Song Crisis", merciless and manic, with a white noise mid-section to rival Bob Mould, and the screaming cacophonous climax seeing David screaming, crouched, with rage, and Kevin coaxing every ounce of feedback from the combination of bass, monitor and mike-stand. I think the wretched town fell!

So Rach and I emerged, sweaty and unbowed from the mosh, yet a little perturbed about the shortness of the set. Still, we met our gig buddies and grabbed some air and fluid before heading back in for headliners My Vitriol. They came on to white noise and smoke, and kicked into their slightly late 80's style blend of spiky rock and ethereal mood music. After the blown-out dynamics of Seafood however, this seemed a little flat and took some time to get going, "Cemented Shoes" a notable early exception, at which point I joined the jumping section of this by-now full crowd.

We stayed in the mosh for easily their 2 best numbers - the Husker Du-esque primal howl of "Losing Touch" and the hookier amphetamine rush of "Always; Your Way", but by now I was tired of punters landing on my head, so took off. Good for My Vitriol that they've taken a step up, but they should really write more songs like those 2, and tonight Seafood blew them away, no contest!

Afterwards, we bumped into - inevitably - Kev Seafood, who'd understood my gestures to him onstage and had saved me their set-list - for what it was worth!

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