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551 WEEZER, Remy Zero, London Brixton Academy, Sunday 24 March 2002

Rachel and I originally got tix for this one waaaay back in August last year, when American Hi-Fi were announced as support. The Hi-Fi at Brixton Academy, could you imagine...?! Anyway, the tour was pulled by the US label following September 11, and when it got rescheduled, there was no Hi-Fi on the bill. D'oh! Double D'oh! Rach was feeling ill and I was tired following a weekend of Evan staying with us, but after a row with his mother after I returned him, I really needed a gig! So, with a replacement gig companion secured at short notice, we hit the road at 5, parking up at Shepherd's Bush and getting over to Brixton for 7.30.

Into the venue for the last half of support Remy Zero's set. One number was promising in a speedy, early REM/ Marion kind of way, a couple more were OK too, but there was some ham-fisted clumsy riffery thrown in as well. Will the real Remy Zero please stand up?

Took a vantage point stage left, halfway back, for Weezer. This was, amazingly, the first time I'd seen Weezer, having enjoyed their chunky surf-rock since their first, 1994, album. They were, however, pretty much as I'd anticipated; good, chunky and very sing-along, with their simple, hook-heavy melodies being complemented by excellent sound, despite a lack of oomph in a few numbers (notably "Hash Pipe", which was disappointingly flat). The stage presence was however missing; Weezer were very static indeed, particularly bearded vocalist Rivers Cuomo, who barely uttered more than a mumble between songs! Nevertheless, a lot of their numbers were impressive, particularly "Surf Wax America" and "Don't Let Go", and the sing-along "Say It Ain't So", which raised the roof. The crowd went nuts for them the whole gig, which made me wonder; why aren't the remarkably similar yet vastly superior Fountains Of Wayne this popular?

Watched the encores (a cheesy 70's cover and the inevitable "Buddy Holly") from the back, running into Steve Lamacq in the process and chatting about The Gravel Pit! Home for 1 - still lamenting the absence of American Hi-Fi!

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