Friday, 7 May 2010

505 YOU ARE HERE, Cold Fusion, Swindon Victoria, Thursday 17 May 2001

You Are Here's triumphant return to gig action in their home town - and I'm late on parade! Domestic issues dispensed with, I hit the venue at 9.45, in time to catch the dying throes of the support band's Bon Jovi-isms. Persuaded the Big Man out of the bar and into the back-room venue by virtue of the DJ playing 3 songs by The Skids in a row over the PA! Cool!

Had more vintage punk over the PA before You Are Here came on at 10.30. They took some time to settle to their task after a surprisingly nervy start and a couple of missed beats from Alan, but worked their way through, and after a shambolic "Summer Song" which saw Alan indulging in completely different drum patterns than usual, much to Tim's surprise, they settled back in and totally nailed next number "Confidence In Me", now sounding the finished article in amphetamine-urgent punky thrashes. "Far Cry" suffered a little from Tim and Alan surprisingly abstaining from backing vocals in the strident chorus, leaving Mark to quickly change octaves and do his own backing vocals! However set closers "Hard To Stop" and the inevitably superb "Trying To Write" were much more like it; melodic, upfront, confident US-alt influenced rock, with Mark on top of his game and untangling himself from the mikestand. Encore "Ordinary Day", despite still being half-formed, was well-constructed and well-delivered, boding well for the future. All in all, not their best, but still an enjoyable and well delivered set which got me up and dancing anyway!

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