Thursday, 27 May 2010

478 YOU ARE HERE, Cold Fusion, Swindon Victoria, Thursday 21 December 2000

So my good friend Tim has finally got his shit together and formed a band of his own, also featuring occasional gig buddies Andy Belcher and Mark Hawkins. I'd missed their debut gig in July thanks to my peritonitis recovery, so I wasn't about to miss this one! So I picked Rachel and her friend Aaron up, hitting the Victoria in Old Town for the first time for a gig, surprisingly so as the Vic is local, and owned by Kev and Nicky Fitzgerald, 2 old friends of mine. Nice to gig in Swindon again, even if this means having to put up with sub-standard local supports such as Cold Fusion, who admittedly started off well with a spritely pop/rock number which recalled Power Of Dreams, but then degenerated into sub Bon Jovi pseudo anthemic stadium dirge, with a few twiddly prog rock flirtations along the way.

Mark had said beforehand that for this, YAH's 2nd only show ever, he was feeling seriously nervy. They took the stage at 10.15 to a busy crowd in this small back room venue, and also to a volley of, "rock cliché!" catcalls from myself, as I'd noted they'd put their single last on their set-list! However - and I'm not saying this because they're mates, I like to think I'm more objective and honest than that, and I've certainly slagged off bands Tim has been in before (Ish!) - they were bloody good straight from the off. Unsurprisingly, given the influences at work, You Are Here have a very American rock sound, but in an intelligent, low-fi way rather than the current power riffery and shouty rap nonsense that passes for US alt rock these days. Surprisingly jangly, prompting thoughts of early REM and their Brummie impersonators Onionhead, they came across as tight, together, well practised and even confident. "Feeling Confused", their Cold Water Flat sound-alike, and self-consciously understated yet almost jolly single "Not A Summer Song" were highlights of the set, and Mark, despite clutching to the mikestand for dear life throughout, didn't seem overly nervy at all.

A thrilling punk rock demolition of Wham's "Last Christmas" was a fun encore, but an odd juxtaposition for a band who have craft, intelligence and lots of potential, and who we should all take more seriously. You Are Here - guys, you are almost there!

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