Thursday, 27 May 2010

477 MIDWAY STILL, Gallus, Mobster, London Kings Cross Water Rats, Thursday 14 December 2000

And here are more 2000 comeback kids!I dunno, recently it's been The Wonderstuff, The Posies and now the Still; tonight I'm gonna party like it's 1993! So, Tim picked us up at 5, bearing in mind recent travel nightmares, and the traffic was so much better that we parked up in Kings Cross just before 8. Who'd have thunk it! So we hit the Water Rats bar - which had obviously had a lick of paint and a polish since our last trip - and stayed there while Mobster, a messy US sports metal shouty sound-alike, were on. We did, however, trot into the venue for Gallus, who were better and recalled The Fat Lady Sings and Hothouse Flowers with their mid-paced, acoustically charged sweeping epics. The long maned vocalist was an Eddie Vedder sound-alike, yet they left a favourable impression overall.

However, we were there for some Xmas Punk! And we certainly got that from The Still, who kicked off at 10 with a rollicking new number, then into the thrashy Husker Du groove of "What You Said". I got the jumping about really started during the brilliant "Better Than Before", their one brief flirtation with indie-pop stardom, and subsequently rocked out to this messy yet enthusiastic set of retro thrashy yet tuneful and hook-led rock. A smattering of newies coloured the set, and final number "Since You've Been Gone" ran roughshod over the Rainbow soft-metal original, before they were booted off stage for running over time. Bugger!

Grabbed a couple of quick words with vocalist Thompson afterwards; with some new numbers, Midway Still are very much a going concern again, and Tim left promising to get the Still a show in Swindon. Now, that'd be something...

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