Saturday, 15 May 2010

496 HEAVY STUD, The Kirkland Cafe, Somerville, MA USA, Friday 30 March 2001

EdV, Pete "The Peach" Stone and I head off to this gig from Ed's girlfriend's band, after tonight's Sheila Divine show at the Paradise; I'm buzzing from the Sheila's show, "The Peach" is on lecherous top form, and Ed is singing the Zamboni's "Hockey Monkey". A weird combination as we arrive in deepest darkest Somerville, to a venue which is even more dilapidated than the Linwood Grill in Fenway! Jon Lupfer had beaten us here from the TSD show and has grabbed a table, and the Stud are preparing to go on as we arrive at 11 pm.

I grab a seat and a beer as The Stud, featuring Ed's girlfriend Melissa Gibbs and Fly Seville drummer Jason Sloan, kick off. They lay down a fun set of simple but effective Ramones-ish punky pop tunes, and come across like early Muffs or The Slingbacks. The locals however only react when Melissa's co-vocalist Meredith offers some free CDs out. EdV joins them on bass onstage for their last number.

From the reasonably sublime to the ridiculous; the unnamed (I forgot, OK?) headliner features an ageing rock chick on vocals, and the mainman is a Jerry Garcia lookalike acid casualty who's celebrating his 45th birthday tonight but looks 20 years older. I find that my only way to humour them is to drink lots of tequila, so I'm primed when their poor bluesy set hits the Rolling Stones covers, and I sing along raucously to "It's All Over Now"!

We (that is, me, EdV, Melissa, Lupfer, the Stud, Ana etc) then head over to nearby Q Division for some after hours drinking, myself sensibly hitting the coca cola as I've necked far too much tequila. We eventually decamp, after singing American Hi-Fi numbers all evening, at about 2 am, a very tired and somewhat drunk Jon Lupfer driving me back to my digs on his way to Jamaica Plain. An odd end to a superb evening, thanks to gig 495!

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