Wednesday, 2 June 2010

471 SEAFOOD, Mote, Fiver, Oxford Point, Saturday 18 November 2000

I'd already got tix for the forthcoming Seafood London show when this one was announced. But what the hey; we'd travelled 3,500 miles to see this lot, so we can manage a trundle up the road to Oxford! So a happy carload, including new gig buddies Thom and Aaron, hit Oxford at 8, bumping into Kevin Seafood, somewhat inevitably, on the stairs leading up to the venue! Got the drinks in just before Fiver came on at 8.30. A Modesto, CA. outfit, they'd been, also somewhat inevitably, compared in the press to Grandaddy, which intrigued me. A couple of numbers in, I was prepared to dismiss them as interesting, albeit disjointed and half-formed, but third number in, "Builder", really changed my mind. This one sucked me in with the absorbing tension of a Wheat number, no less, and the set thereafter was similarly layered, atmospheric and absorbing, if more upbeat than the Wheat-sters. A fine set from an intriguing new act with some potential. Chatted briefly to vocalist David afterwards, who took the Wheat comparison as a compliment!

The place filled up for local main support act Mote. Formerly spunky Ash soundalikes Dustball, they had unfortunately degenerated into the RadioMusePlay72 moody slow verse/ shouty chorus trap. Not a shred of originality at all in this set, so I headed for the bar.

Had a quick chat with David Seafood, bumping into him in the loos (!) before taking a stage right spot for da 'Food, just after 10. They hit the stage with a new number, "Wasters", which indicates their next CD will be no great departure - good thing too! "Guntrip" and "Porchlight" really ignited the crowd into a frenzied squash, and this old boy joined in the frantic moshing to some seriously searing guitar rock. Once again, Seafood cemented their reputation as the UK's most exciting, incendiary and downright best live act, delivering another hot set smeared with their trademarks of controlled aggression, noise, light and colour. Thankfully "Toggle" and "Dear Leap The Ride" provided moments of calm amongst the glorious cacophony, enabling me to get a breather in this incredibly hot atmosphere. Following the headlong hurtle through the white noise and destruction of "Folk Song Crisis", I emerged shirtless and soaked (and wishing I'd worn shorts!), yet exhilarated once again.

A few quixck words with Kevin before we hit the road. Another blistering Seafood gig, and we're back for more on Tuesday!

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