Thursday, 3 June 2010

465 PEDRO THE LION, Middle East "Upstairs", Cambridge, MA USA, Thursday 19 October 2000

Day 3 of this short sharp Boston trip; a plan to go to New York is scuppered, but no problem, as we get to lunch with Gary Waleik instead, and do some shopping in Newbury Street and Quincy Market before tonight's gig double-header. First we're off to The Middle East, meeting Kevin Camara there. Kev is keen for us to check out supports Julie Doran and Damon Jurado, but I'm keener to grab some food! So we grab a table in The Middle East and eat, Kev joining us for a chat, then we head into the busy and small upstairs room. Pedro The Lion are a band that our Boston friends Michael and Mark rave over, and they're certainly intriguing and absorbing in parts, calling to mind the touching melody of Grandaddy (not to mention the beards!). However, at other times they're very very quiet and frustratingly slow - not so much slow-fi as stationery-fi!

I concede that I'd have done better with some prior knowledge of their material, but for me the Lion sleeps tonight (ouch!). We slip off at this point and grab a "T" to gig 2!

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