Wednesday, 9 June 2010

461 THE JUPITER PROJECT, "Upstairs At The Middle East"; 462 84 WEST, The Audiants, TT The Bear's Place, Cambridge, MA USA, Tuesday 17 October 2000

Another trip to Boston! This one's a quick, late-planned flight and we're desperately seeking Seafood! That, however, is gig 463; this is just the arrival day. Rachel and I leave Blighty at 1pm, flying via Iceland, and arriving in Boston at 6.30, meeting "mine host" Michael Paulo at the airport. We dump stuff at his place then head over to The Middle East, not for Polak as anticipated, as they'd cancelled their UK dates thus scuppering an early highlight (bugger!), but instead to see Michael's friends The Jupiter Project. Unfortunately, they're awful; a couple of half-formed ideas put haphazardly into practice, together with a vocalist who really can't sing a note. Michael says he doesn't go see them often, for fear of giving offence if asked his opinion. We leave sharpish, and head round to TT's, where we're greeted enthusiastically by doorman and Wheat bassist Kevin Camara, who turns out to be a familiar face this trip, and who also looks the other way as we duck in without paying!

The Audiants are on and prove a better bet than the Jupiter Project, all slow-burning tunes and atmospheric shimmering guitars, not a million miles removed from Kent. Shame I'm too jet-lagged and dosed up with a cold to care too much. Rach and I settle for ducking into the pool room to open the proverbial can of whup-ass on Michael. We then catch a bit of the pleasant but bland strum-along 84 West set, then head off for an early night. Tomorrow's what we're here for, after all!

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