Thursday, 8 April 2010

525 BOWLING FOR SOUP, Uncle Brian, Shooting Reef, Cardiff Sam's Bar, Wednesday 22 August 2001

Next week, US punk reprobates Bowling For Soup will become the first band (worth going to see!) to play Swindon for, oooh, at least a few years, with their Vic show. And where are we? At the American Hi-Fi show in London! So, this unfortunate clash prompted a plan to head to Cardiff, and friend and fan of the Soupsters Rich was up for it too!

Found the venue reasonably easily and got the beers in. Rich introduced us to BFS vocalist Jaret, so chilled awhile and also met Thom and his Cardiff-domiciled girlfriend Helen, while the enthusiastic but half-formed local support Shooting Reef played their thrashy punk. Main support Uncle Brian were better, doing the skateboard ska-punk thing quite well with an enjoyable set, which prompted Rich to open his wallet for their CD.

Bowling For Soup hit the boards (and boards they were too, in this wood panelled bar) about 10.30, and smashed into a splendid, extremely funny and entertaining set of their bright, fresh new millennial punk rock. Once again, the splendid 3 part harmonies set them apart and above the usual cartoon punkster crowd of Blink 182 wannabees, and these were excellent again tonight, especially during "I Just Want A New Girlfriend". Showmanship was in strong evidence too; during the splendid "Belgium" they slipped in bits from Britney and Eminem songs, then had a competition to try and stick their plectrums into huge guitarist big Chris' butt crack! Also, Jaret grabbed a punter's mobile phone - while he was talking to his girlfriend! - and proceeded to serenade her "live" onstage! This tomfoolery was, of course, notwithstanding the usual plectrum juggling (Chris), face pulling (Jaret) and funny between-song banter. All in all a superb hour-long set and well worth the (very) late night and bleary eyes the next morning. As they put it, Bowling For Soup were, "The Shit!"

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