Monday, 12 April 2010

522 SEAFOOD, Easyworld, Cardiff Barfly, Thursday 19 July 2001

After a few days off sick, this was just what I needed; a Seafood gig to get back on track! Unfortunately, we couldn't get the transport sorted out to get to last night's ULU gig showcase, but Kevin Seafood kindly put Rachel, Ady and myself on the guest list for tonight's show. Cool! So, after a quick run-down we parked up in the NCP just round the corner from this new venue in the shadow of both Cardiff Castle and the Millennium Stadium. It's a small and funky downstairs room which, for a "new" venue, already has a "lived-in" look. So we hit the bar, via the merch stall to check out Seafood's "controversial" new sticker and t-shirt design!

Easyworld, support act on at 9, were a young 3-piece who started with a spunky and flippantly urgent number, but then degenerated into generic indie death, sounding variously like poor imitations of Muse and The Verve. Chatted to my Bristol gig pal Tim at the bar instead, and also Kev Seafood, handing over some Boston Rock for him in the process. Apparently last night's ULU show was a roaring success, with 700 through the door and an enthusiastic moshpit!

Tonight, however, there's a few dozen curious Welsh people and a trio of happy travellers from the right side of the Severn Bridge. What a comedown! Still, they didn't let that affect their approach, going about their task in hand with their usual vim and enthusiasm. Opener, "Cloaking", now has the bite of a pissed-off viper and the kick of a rabid mule, and heralded a set made up largely of impressive new songs from their forthcoming album "When Do We Start Fighting?". "Battle" featured David, oddly stationed stage left tonight rather than dead centre, yelping the hook, "wasters come alive," like a scalded cat, but it was the jagged crunch of "Guntrip" which got my coat off and had me forsaking my pledge to take it easy and not dance. Me - not dance to Seafood? Hah! The new numbers dominated this set, light and shade showing clear progression and impressive evolution - they sound like Seafood, no-one else - and the cacophonous double-header of "Porchlight" and the rampant "Folk Song Crisis", with the usual squalling white noise climax, capped another splendid Seafood set.

Afterwards, David came out to thank us for creating a small mosh down the front, and we chatted at length. A sell-out London showcase, a single at their highest ever chart position (64!), a new album ready for release and a forthcoming Reading Festival slot - Seafood are moving upwards, and not before time!

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