Sunday, 18 April 2010

514 MISHIMA USA, Hi-Fi Records, Jamaica Plain, MA USA, Saturday 23 June 2001

We take the Orange Line over to Forest Hills, getting lost on the wrong South Street (working it out after wandering our way into a wood!) but eventually finding our way to Hi-Fi Records for this in-store appearance. Proprietor Deb Klein recognises us so we nose around the shop trying to find something to buy. I, embarrassingly, can find nothing I want, but luckily Deb doesn't mind. Mishima USA show up and set up at 4, Deb introducing us to drummer Shaun as 2 UK Mishima fans who've flown over for this show - not quite, Deb!

The Mishima duo are eventually ready at 4.30 pm, and kick off a set of their deliciously mesmeric, tuneful and understated guitar pop. It's so smooth, particularly acoustically, that you never really register that there's just 2 of them, drummer Shaun and guitarist/vocalist Arto. Their sound is very mid-80's; acoustic, strum-along, classically structured, which harks back to The Smiths and their ilk. In this intimate environment it works perfectly, and my only complaint is that their set is too short, although Deb manages to wangle an encore out of them to flesh out their set to 6 numbers - the excellent "Frame Relay", which is a fitting end to round off a fine performance.

Afterwards, Rach and I chat briefly to Arto before hitting the road back to EdV's to prepare for tonight. A fun diversion from Mishima this afternoon, but we've got bigger fish to fry tonight!

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