Wednesday, 17 February 2010

587 Four Kings, YOU ARE HERE, Northern Girl, White Knuckle, London Camden The Verge, Thursday 10 April 2003

Despite obvious fatigue, we're off to another gig, the third in 3 nights. We're troupers - John Dragonetti said so! So, we're off in this organised mini-van supporting Swindon's own You Are Here, our friend Tim's band. Took a circuitous route to Camden, arriving at this toilet-circuit venue just as the opening trio were completing their painfully loud and crap set. Larked around while second band Northern Girl - a trio of presumably Northern girls and a sheepish-looking bloke drummer - plied their innocuously St. Etienne-like strummy pop onstage. Nice, but really not the type of music you want to listen to when you're fighting to stay awake!

You Are Here, on just after 10, were much more like it. Kicking off with the strum-along, groovy "Down To Me", they delivered the best - and best-sounding - set of the last 3 occasions I've seen them with the new line-up. Clear, concise and together, and with the new drummer sounding more like a band member than a virtuoso solo-ist, this was the sound of a young band starting to come together. "Hard To Stop" was much more straightforward than of late, and closer "Goodbye" saw a fine vocal performance from young Mark.

Hung out outside with Tim afterwards before catching some of the baggy-ish headliners, then leaving halfway through their set for another circuitous journey - home this time!

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