Wednesday, 17 February 2010

583 YOU ARE HERE, Swindon Victoria, Thursday 20 March 2003

Easing slowly back into the gig swing of things still; this time it's a jaunt up the Vic to see Swindon faves (and our friends, of course) You Are Here! Drove up the hill with Rachel and got to a quiet Victoria at 9, meeting Tim and Mark up there. Chatted while the local (and poor sounding) support were on.

YAH are in danger of over-playing the Vic - there were only about a dozen of us present when the boys eventually took the stage at 10.15, and those were mainly family and friends! Nevertheless, YAH again showed potential and some improvement from their previous gig here, last November. The new boys sounded more like part of the band, and Mark in particular has grown in confidence, becoming a focal point and performer as well as vocalist, especially during Posies cover "I May Hate You Sometimes", and set closer "Goodbye". YAH - slowly realising their full potential; a shame more people weren't there to see it!

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