Wednesday, 17 February 2010

585 BURNING BRIDES, Winnebago Deal, Swearing At Motorists, Bristol Louisiana, Tuesday 8 April 2003

First of 3 gigs in 3 nights - a good thing I'm feeling better! This one was a speculative jaunt down the M4 to see a couple of tipped bands, including Burning Brides, who'd impressed me with a Seafood-esque track "See You Empty" on an NME compilation CD. So off we go...

Got a little lost on the way to the Louisiana, as revised road priorities had seemingly cut off the most direct route! Swearing At Motorists were therefore already on when we arrived at 8.30. An oddball, angular 2 piece, they entertained with some melodic yet dark strum-along tunes and a very funny stage presence, courtesy of their deranged vocalist, who was a hippy lookalike and a Phil Lynott sound-alike. I liked them, but I'm not sure I could eat a whole one...

Oxford 2 piece (another one! What is it with these bass-free bands these days? The White Stripes have a lot to answer for...) Winnebago Deal were next up. They were intense, extremely noisy and as utterly tuneless as they were bass-less. We endured their set from the bar - downstairs! Nevertheless, they were still way too loud from there!

Back up for Philadelphia trio Burning Brides at 10. Their set started well with grungy single "Plank Of Fire", dipped into mulchy 70's blues-rock/proto HM riffery (quite Black Sabbath-like at times) in the middle, then perked up with a couple of better numbers (including the very good "Arctic Snow", their best number and next single) at the end. There's definitely potential, but currently a few more misses than hits in the set of this nevertheless dynamic live band. They missed "See You Empty" from this set as well, which was a shame. Maybe next time?

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