Friday, 8 January 2010

658 EDDIE AND THE HOT RODS, Chokeslam, Swindon Furnace, Friday 13 May 2005

First time at the Furnace for a gig, but this of course is the site of Solitaire and Level 3, scene of many hometown gigs of yore. Adding to the feeling of nostalgia is tonight's headliners, one of the first New Wave bands I saw on telly back in the 1970's, now doing the old boy's pub and club circuit. Still, it's only up the road, so why not?

Got in at 9 after a drink in the Rolly, which meant enduring half a set from local support Chokeslam. Pitching up midway between Nu Metal and hardcore punk, they weren't my cup of tea at all, with a vocalist who only knew how to scream, not sing. Oh dear.

The Rods took the stage at 9.30 to a sparse crowd of old punks, lead singer Barrie Masters gaunt in pub rock waistcoat attire and looking all his 50+ years. Their set was as expected - down and dirty good time drinking man's rock'n'roll, with a strut and a swagger. "Quit This Town" was cool (and reminded Rach of the Jam's "Going Underground" - which came first, I wonder?), the anthemic "Do Anything You Wanna Do", their one true moment of inspiration, was mid-set, yet predictably received the best reaction, and a cover of Van Morrison's "Gloria", like the earlier cover of the Who's "The Kids Are Alright", was well-chosen and played with respect. I could've done without the drum solos, but overall a good solid pub level gig. The Rods are alright!

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