Friday, 8 January 2010

653 MIDWAY STILL, You Are Here, Swindon Victoria, Saturday 5 February 2005

After a lot of badgering by Tim, Midway Still finally return to Swindon for their first gig since their "last ever", first time around. So we were up for a bit of Still tomfoolery, and managed to drag quite a few people out for it as well!

Hung out in the Vic awhile, mainly taking the piss out of the Big Man's massive new t-shirt, before joining the assembled punters, mums and dads (!) for You Are Here's first gig since their Pills support. They again belied any ring-rustiness they may have had, delivering a very together set despite poor sound. Mark seems a completely different frontperson from the mikestand-clutching waif of yore; showing a nice line in fancy footwork during "Feeling Confused", not getting fazed when forgetting lyrics during an excellent "I May Hate You Sometimes", and ranting away like a good 'un during set closer "Goodbye", this was probably his best frontperson performance yet. And ably backed up by Tim and Co. with some rocking US college pop-influenced stuff.

Old favourites the Still were on at 10.30, tuning up with some Sabbath style heavy riffery before blasting into an ear-splitting "Counting Days". they also were beset with sound problems - particularly the bass - but attacked the set with venom and fire. A couple of new numbers augmented the set, drawn otherwise mainly from early 90's post-grunge Dinosaur Jr./ Husker Du influenced debut LP "Dial Square". Slack, fucked up laze rock at its' noisiest and most dynamic, capped with a vicious "You Made Me Realise", despite a false start.

Had a quick chat with Still mainman Paul Thompson after my 11th Still experience - he complimented my Damn Personals "Our Rock Will Fuck You" t-shirt. You know, that slogan is just as appropriate for the Still!

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