Thursday, 17 December 2009

682 SUPERGRASS, Son Of Dave, Wednesday 19 October 2005

Back in the UK following our honeymoon, but quickly back on the gig trail; this, the first of 4 in 7 days (!) came barely 3 days after touching down at Heathrow! A text from an old friend, now on the South Coast, prompted us to take a trip down on a wet Wednesday night to Southampton, to catch up with a band we've liked but not slavishly adored. So Supergrass, what are you up to these days?

Met our friends Doug and Sarah, who kindly fronted us the tix (free gig! My favourite!) and wandered into this large venue whilst Son Of Dave, a one-man busking disaster, was studiously ignored by all.

Da 'Grass came on prompt at 9.15, vocalist Gaz Coombs sporting a flop-hat and fat acoustic guitar, and giving the impression of a travelling hobo bluesman. Quite fitting really, as the material from new album "Road To Rouen" was quite a departure, being smoky slow acoustic bar-room blues, almost like Mike Gent's slower, rootsier Gentlemen moments. However the joint really jumped when they delved into their back catalogue, such as for an early "Caught By The Fuzz", a flippant and punky adrenaline rush, or 3 numbers from the end, a soaring "Richard III" which got Doug and myself into the mosh, singing along to the upbeat Britpop of the subsequent "Grace" and "Pumping On Your Stereo". A creepy "Strange Ones" encore climaxed an entertaining and worthwhile set which I'm glad Doug called us about. No "Alright", of course - thankfully they leave their overplayed best-known number out these days - but overall Supergrass; still alright!

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