Tuesday, 17 November 2009

746 BUSWELL, THE SHUDDERS, Swindon Wharf Green, Sunday 4 May 2008

Well, as the picture to the left signifies, this is Logan's first ever gig, so this one also escapes my "local band" filter to go onto this blog! This one, the initiative of Frequency mainman Steve Causer, was a 4 band showcase on a Sunday afternoon, in Wharf Green, a relatively new development in Swindon town centre with an open area and a big video screen!

So, a family outing, parking up and wandering over in the drizzle just in time to miss Acoustic Taxi and The Paddocks, but in time to catch Tim and Danny's band The Shudders and their 1/2 hour set at 1/4 to 2. Chased Logan around down the front as they played their "pirate folk", a term which Tim hates but which they've been saddled with, which veers between slower folksy stuff a la The Fat Lady Sings, and harder rocking pop. This, the third time we'd seen them, was easily their best yet, the band sounding tighter, and Danny, whilst still understated, more confident on vocals. Logan really seemed to enjoy it, in between toddling over to the barriers (down the front - that's my boy!) and sitting and bopping on daddy's shoulders.

Chilled and chatted during Buswell's more understated, female led bedsit pop. Stylish and pretty but not my thing, I found it a little innocuous and Logan's attention wandered towards the big screen, so we headed home after their set. Logan's first gig, and only 10 months old!

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