Wednesday, 3 November 2010

294 LUNA, Pram, London WC2 Borderline, Wednesday 10 May 1995

A bit of a convoluted one, and a real adventure, this! I was originally going to accompany Beef to the Hole gig at Shepherd's Bush Empire tonight, as I believed tour support, the excellent Scarce, were also supporting Hole tonight. However, 2 days before the gig I discovered this wasn't the case, as this was an extra show. D'oh!

Not being a Hole fan, I didn't want to go just for them, but I decided to accompany Beef to London anyway, as excellent new Boston discovery Letters To Cleo were due to play at the Splash Club in Kings Cross. So, I duly sold my Hole ticket (for a tenner - I should've held out for more, as the touts were flogging them at the tube station for £30!), tubed it cross town to Kings Cross, then hit the venue only to find Letters To Cleo had cancelled! Bugger! Their drummer had contracted chicken pox so they'd flown home! Double bugger!

So, dejected, I strolled back to the newsagents at Kings Cross railway station, only to browse the NME and find out that Luna were playing at the Borderline tonight! Yippee! So I headed over to Oxford Street and got to the Borderline, only to find out this gig was sold out! Double plus bugger!

Protestations to the bouncers about my plight, and even asking Luna mainman Dean Wareham himself (off for a bite to eat before the gig) couldn't get me in. Triple bugger! However, finally a punter rather luckily had a spare ticket which I gleefully purchased. Hooray!

So, got in and went downstairs - my first time at The Borderline, a tiny downstairs Tex/Mex bar which was a great place for a gig, very intimate - during support Pram's pointless keyboard-based children's TV theme tune type doodlings. Luna themselves came on at 9.45 and played an hour-long set of splendid atmospheric strumalong rock of the slightly wild West, left-field variety, and were totally at home in this venue. Highlights were the mesmeric "Friendly Advice" and the more in-your-face "Angel" (Luna? In your face? Oh yes!). Dean, joined by Stereolab's Laetitia for the French duet of "Bonnie And Clyde", led Luna through a little jewel of a set, far punchier than their more laid-back recorded output, and all the more precious for being unexpected!

Oh, did I mention that thanks to an eye operation the previous day, I only had one contact lens in all night, so did all this semi-blurred? Well, so I did; told you it was an adventure!


  1. Lovely stuff. I was at this show - although I started to wonder if it was a dream that I saw Laetitia and Dean duet on Bonnie & Clyde because no one else seemed to know that it happened. I actually asked Dean for confirmation that it really did earlier this year!

  2. Hi David, I have a recording of this show I was going to share on my website (A Head Full of Wishes - later this week and am hoping you don't mind me nabbing your pic (and setlist) to use with it.

    Give me a shout if you do.

    Sorry for contacting you via a comment but I couldn't find another way!


  3. Hi Andy, no problem mate, nab away!